Spring is here - free upgrade to ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses

Another great offer from ZEISS - upgrade to PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses FREE OF CHARGE
Special Promotion until 30th June 2016

You would be hard pushed to tell, but we’re now a month into Spring in the Highlands!
The snow and hail have finally turned to sun, so what better time to take advantage of our latest offer.

ZEISS PhotoFusion self-tinting spectacle lenses now change from dark tinted to clear TWICE as fast as the previous generation lenses.
So no more struggling to see through your old light-reactive lenses when you walk from a sunny street into a dark shop interior!

They are available in single vision (distance or near), bifocal and all varifocal lens designs - you pay the price of your normal, standard lenses and they are upgraded to PhotoFusion free of charge - an upgrade worth up to £70.

This offer is not to be missed by those who enjoy the benefits of self-tinting lenses.
Contact us today at your nearest branch in Inverness, Dingwall or Golspie for an appointment.

If you have recently had your eyes examined at one of our practices or elsewhere, you can still take advantage of this promotion, even if you were advised your spectacle prescription was stable or unchanged. This makes you particularly suitable because you can still use your current spectacles as well as your new PhotoFusion lenses.

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