3D OCT Advanced eye scans now available in Dingwall

The very latest technology for assessing and monitoring the health of your eyes
Well over ten years ago, our Dingwall practice was one of the first in the area to offer digital retinal photography. We still provide this valuable procedure as part of NHS and private eye examinations, which helps the detection and monitoring of changes in your eyes as you get older.
History has repeated itself - we have just taken delivery of a 3D OCT scanning system in our Dingwall practice!
This exciting new development has been described as the biggest breakthrough in eye care for decades and is commonly used in Hospital Eye Departments for advanced imaging of the eyes. Only a small number of Optometric practices are able to offer this service at present, so we are proud to be among the first few in the Highlands.

The best way to think of an OCT scan is like an ultrasound or MRI scan of the eyes - it provides three dimensional, highly magnified images of different structures. Amazingly, when the scan happens, nothing touches your eye, there are no flashes of light or puffs of air, eye drops are not normally required and it only takes a few seconds!

The OCT scans enable eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma to be detected much earlier than with conventional techniques alone. Previously existing eye conditions can also be monitored more accurately for progression, giving peace of mind whether things are stable or require further investigation.

If you have good vision and healthy eyes yourself but are aware of someone in your family with an eye condition, OCT scans are highly recommended to help ensure you are not at risk of developing the condition yourself. Our system is one of the most advanced available and is capable of doing around 12 different types of scan. Usually, 3 or 4 per eye are required - your Optometrist will explain which ones are the most appropriate for you individually, with respect to your own history and that of your family members.

We are pleased to be able to offer this advanced service at a cost of just £24 in addition to your free eye examination which is funded by the NHS. This is highly competitive both locally and nationally. OCT scans can usually be performed at the same time as your regular eye examination without prior booking.

Call in to Dingwall to ask us about OCT if you are passing, or mention it when you are calling to book your appointment to experience the future of eye care for yourself.


Photo of our exact system in Dingwall


3D scan of the Optic Nerve Head - useful for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma


Typical scan and report for retina analysis - useful for the detection and monitoring of macular degeneration.
This one shows the ten anatomical layers of the retina - all healthy and normal.