SEVERE Dry Eyes? Try the ULTIMATE treatment

Have you suffered from Dry Eyes for years?
Not had much success with the drops & ointments your GP has prescribed, such as hypromellose, Liquifilm Tears or Lacrilube?
Why not try the ULTIMATE treatment for dry eyes - developed and produced by one of the most respected eye hospitals in the world - Moorfields!

This month, all our Optometrists attended a new optical show in London, as part of our commitment to professional staff training and knowledge.
We were all amazed by the latest product from Moorfields Pharmaceuticals.
Lubristil Gel eye drops combine one of the best proven lubricants for dry eye (sodium hyaluronate) with an incredibly thick water-based gel (xanthan gum) - and are completely preservative free.

Priced at just £10 for a box of 20 individual vials, if you are a severe dry eye sufferer, these should be at the very top of your list to try!

Available in all our practices - Inverness, Dingwall and Golspie.