Buy one pair of ZEISS lenses - Get the 2nd pair HALF PRICE

Buy one pair of ZEISS lenses - Get the 2nd pair HALF PRICE

Special promotion until 30th September 2018

Our latest offer from ZEISS needs no further explanation!
Any two pairs of ZEISS lenses ordered at the same time - the second pair is HALF PRICE

For more details of the full range of ZEISS spectacle lenses available at all branches of Goskirk Pettinger Optometrists, please click on the image below

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ZEISS Office Lenses - HALF PRICE offer

Office Lenses from ZEISS - Solve your “reading or computer” glasses dilemma

Special promotion - 50% off (HALF PRICE) until 30th June 2018

It’s our best ever offer from our partners at Zeiss Vision Care UK!

Do you find yourself leaning too close to the computer screen when using your reading glasses?
Or getting sore eyes or a sore neck when you use your regular varifocal spectacles with the computer?

Available in all three of our branches, ZEISS Office lenses could be the perfect solution - please contact us as soon as possible whilst this offer is running to find out if they would be suitable for you.

More detailed information can be found at the ZEISS Vision Care UK website by clicking the image below.


ZEISS DriveSafe lenses - 30% off - our best ever offer

DriveSafe Lenses from ZEISS - Ideal for driving in the Highlands

Special promotion - 30% off until 31st December 2017

A fantastic new promotion on the spectacle lenses which are absolutely ideal for people who drive and live in the Highlands - the new DriveSafe lenses from ZEISS.

Colin Pettinger, Optometrist Director and lifelong spectacle wearer has been wearing DriveSafe lenses for the last year and has been scrutinising their performance. The results have been startling:

“I regularly visit family and friends in Edinburgh, which is a 180-mile drive from my home in Easter Ross. At this time of year, the twists and turns of the A9 can see you suddenly blinded by the low winter sun appearing directly behind oncoming traffic. Compared to standard anti-reflective lenses, DriveSafe let your eyes focus clearly on the road markings and oncoming vehicles without being distracted by the surrounding glare.”

“Over the last few years, we have been receiving increasing complaints from patients of difficulty driving at night, as many more cars on the road have new generation headlights such as HID (Xenon) or LED. These lights put out a much higher proportion of blue light than standard halogen bulbs, which results in increased glare, visual discomfort and eyestrain for oncoming drivers. The combination of a very mild yellow tint and an anti-reflective coating which is purposely tuned to target blue light does a remarkable job of reducing this problem. I never wear my normal anti-reflective lenses for night driving any more - ZEISS DriveSafe are noticeably more comfortable”.

The best feature of the lenses is perhaps that they have been designed to be worn all the time - they do not compromise any non-driving visual tasks such as reading, computer or tablet use, watching TV, cooking or outdoor pursuits.
This is why we believe they are perfect for the Highlands - better vision for driving, but equally good at everything else. What’s not to like?

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are currently available on promotion with 30% OFF until the 31st December 2017 so there has never been a better time to upgrade.

They are available in all three branches - Inverness, Dingwall and Golspie - call us as soon as possible to book and experience these fantastic lenses at a great price.

Click anywhere on the article below for more information on DriveSafe from the Zeiss UK website, including technical details and videos:


Our ZEISS free PhotoFusion upgrade offer is back

It’s back! Upgrade to PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses FREE OF CHARGE
Special Promotion until 30th June 2016

It was such a popular offer last year, we asked our colleagues at ZEISS UK if they would let us run it again - and here it is!

ZEISS PhotoFusion self-tinting spectacle lenses now change from dark tinted to clear TWICE as fast as the previous generation lenses.
So no more struggling to see through your old light-reactive lenses when you walk from a sunny street into a dark shop interior!

They are available in single vision (distance or near), bifocal and all varifocal lens designs - you pay the price of your normal, standard lenses and they are upgraded to PhotoFusion free of charge - an upgrade worth up to £70.

This offer is not to be missed by those who enjoy the benefits of self-tinting lenses.
Contact us today at your nearest branch in Inverness, Dingwall or Golspie for an appointment.

If you have recently had your eyes examined at one of our practices or elsewhere, you can still take advantage of this promotion, even if you were advised your spectacle prescription was stable or unchanged. This makes you particularly suitable because you can still use your current spectacles as well as your new PhotoFusion lenses.

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FREE upgrade to DuraVision Platinum coating on ZEISS lenses

We’re finally out of January in the Highlands to the relief of many!
That means it’s time for another promotion in partnership with our fantastic team at ZEISS Vision Care UK.

Throughout February and March 2017, all our ZEISS spectacle lenses will be upgraded to DuraVision Platinum coated lenses at no extra charge! That’s a saving of between £35 and £60, depending on the chosen lenses.

They are available in all three branches - Inverness, Dingwall and Golspie - call us or pop in when we are open to book and experience the most advanced, highest performing coating ever created by ZEISS.

Click HERE or anywhere on the image below to visit the ZEISS Vision Care UK website to learn more about what makes the DuraVision Platinum so special.